Paul Foston Golf Academy is partnering Sport USA to provide young Golfers and other Athletes with the opportunity to advance their Academic and Sporting aspirations through the leading Universities & Academies in the US.

America is renowned for their tremendous sporting infrastructure, competitive determination & their success in driving through some of the World’s  finest Athletes.

Whether you are a young player with a proven talent who wishes to further a career in Sport or you wish to attend a University that is not only reputed in your chosen Academic subject but also provides a first class Sporting environment, Sport USA could well be of interest to you.


The US Universities & Academies have ‘State of the Art’ sporting facilities in terms of Infrastructure, Equipment, Competitiveness, Mental Strength Development & Nutritional Science. So what are the other advantages:

Weather - with such a vast geographical region, you can choose from a range of Universities & Academies with the best climate according to your sporting requirements to maximise your opportunities for practice and play.

Competition - a competitive spirit & determination is vital to reach your sporting goal and there is no better destination to develop these qualities as it is built into the American DNA. The programmes are created with intense competitive activity.

Budget - can often be cheaper than the UK and other Countries, especially with wide ranging Scholarship potential.

International Travel - a fantastic opportunity to study, practice and play whilst experiencing a different cultural environment with all the advantages of the world class sports amenities.

Sport USA are experts in this field to ensure you achieve the best possible match and a route towards facilitating your dream. Sport USA will assist you with:

  • University/College/Academy Selection
  • Entry Requirements
  • Scholarships
  • Competition Structure
  • Best Geographical Location to Maximise Climatic Advantage
  • Budget Management & Expectation
  • Student Media & Marketing


With a great year-round climate in certain States, this gives the US a distinct advantage as it maximises the training, playing & development opportunities. The Golfing infrastructure, extensive training programmes and the American sporting ethos makes it the Number 1 destination to progress your career in Golf and indeed many other Sports.

An example of what to expect:

First Class Training provided by experienced PGA Professionals

TPI Certified Professionals to improve physical performance & body conditioning

Championship Courses on Campus

Live Stream Facilities

Trackman Video Analysis

Nutritional Science Education

Intensity of Play & Team Ethics - Weekly Tournaments, 54 Holes against other teams each weekend, Regional & National Finals, Shot of the Week, Putt of the Week, Driving Stats

Competitive Handicap - Minimum Handicap is 4 or below, Top is +4 for Boys, Minimum 10 Handicap for Girls (more investment is being given for the development of Girl Sports)

The Role of Sport USA 

Sport USA will firstly establish the Students career path whether it be a purely Sporting focus or  primarily Academic, backed with a strong Sporting culture within.

With a vast knowledge of the educational programmes provided by cross State Universities & Academies, Sport USA will identify the best education options for you and your budget. 

Students will be assigned to an Athlete Manager who will guide them through the selection process, the transition to the States and their journey throughout their chosen programme. They will undertake the following to maximise both your Academic & Sporting aspirations.


  • Take part in an On-Line Familiarisation Consultation to establish your ambition, assess Academic & Sporting level, Budget & Family Dynamics.
  • Set Goals - Time Line to be ‘Uni-fit’ is 18 Months.
  • Set Up a Profile Day, produce a Video of the Student with the Video team to present to Universities/Academies.
  • Guidance on the National College Academic Association (NCAA) eligibility based on Amateur status and Scholarship qualification.
  • Develop Marketing Strategy to target the best Universities/Academies according to aspiration and levels achieved.
  • Unlimited Marketing activity targeting the best scholarship opportunities using various formats of advertising - phone, email, social media, Linked In to target the right Coach, Pllinx - a Player App Link to Showcase Student eligibility.
  • Unlimited support throughout the duration of the Course ranging from Sport Psychology, Strength & Conditioning, Mediation between Players & Coaches if ever issues occur.



Serious Investment Is Given To The Importance Of Combining First Class Academia With
The Power of Competition To Develop The World’s Finest Leaders In Commerce & Sport



Comprises of 7 Schools:

• Graduate School of Business

• Graduate School of Education

• School of Engineering

• School of Humanities & Sciences

• School of Law

• School of Medicine

• Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability

Stanford University Golf Course



A leading Research University attracting more than
650 Million US Dollars annually for Discovery

18 Colleges & Schools specialising in Art, Science, Sport, Medicine, Entrepreneurship
& Engineering


Phil Mickelson & John Rahm are just a couple of World Stagers
to have graduated from the ASU stable.

In actual fact for the last 3 years, the Graduates from the ASU have won more money than any other School on the PGA Tour.


"So, What's In The App"?
First Class Coaching that will last your Golfing Lifetime.


The Pre Shot Routine

4 Videos - Runtime 17:46

  • Forming The Perfect Grip 5:22
  • Aim, Alignment & Ball Position 3:41
  • Set Up With An Athletic & Balanced Posture 4:44
  • Bag Position, Visualisation &
    One Focused Practice Swing 3:59

Perfect Your Putting

6 Videos - Runtime 32.08

  • The Key Fundamentals 5:59
  • The Crucial 4 Foot Putt 3:06
  • The Importance Of Good Speed 7:32
  • Develop Good Tempo - Think 1, 2 - 5:16
  • Reading Greens & Sloping Putts 5:15
  • Alternative Putting Grips 5:00

art of

The Art of Chipping & Pitching

8 Videos - Runtime 42.31

  • Develop The Stock Chip To Chip Low & Pitch High 7:59
  • Visualisation Aids Club Selection 4:06
  • Think Clock Face To Regulate Distance 5:59
  • 30 - 40 Yards 4:06
  • The Intrepid Lob Shot 4:24
  • Awkward Lies
  • From The Semi & Deep Rough 4:32
  • The Downhill Lie & The Bare Lie 5:50
  • The Versatility Of The Hybrid 5:08

Master The Bunkers

12 Videos - Runtime 49.39

  • How to Execute The Perfect Bunker Shot 8:04
  • Around the 'D' 5:06
  • Escaping The Deep Bunker 6:05
  • Playing From The Fairway Bunker 3:52
  • The 30 - 40 Yard Bunker Shot 3:25
  • Awkward Lies
  • The Fried Egg 3:20
  • The Plugged Lie 3:35
  • The Uphill Lie 2:59
  • The Downhill Lie 3:10
  • Sidehill Lies - Ball Above Feet 3:14
  • Sidehill Lies - Ball Below Feet 2:41
  • The Compacted Lie 4:08


    Formula For The Full Swing

    6 Videos - Runtime 31:04

    • The Takeaway 5:15
    • How To Set The Club Correctly For The Perfect Backswing 3:51
    • The Transition From The Backswing To The Downswing 4:00
    • Impact & Follow Through 5:10
    • Technology Accelerates Learning 7:16
    • Understanding Swing Plane 5:32
    big hitters

    The Big Hitters

    5 Videos - Runtime 20:03

    • Introducing The Woods & Hybrids 3:28
    • The Driver Off The Tee 5:45
    • Playing Woods From The Fairway 3:39
    • Playing The Hybrid From The Rough 3:12
    • Improve Your Long Iron Play 3:58

    course strategy

    Course Strategy

    4 Videos - Runtime 14:07

    • Good Scores Are Achieved With Wise Decisions 6:28
    • Playing From The Deep Rough 3:08
    • Faced With The Trees 2:18
    • Developing Mental Strength - My 10 Commandments 21:13

      Shape Your Shots

      8 Videos - Runtime 30.23

      • How To Draw 4:08
      • How To Fade 2:30
      • Hit High 2:34
      • Hit Low 3:08
      • Playing Into The Wind 5:54
      • Sloping Lies - Uphill & Downhill 4:17
      • Sloping Lies - Ball Above & Below Feet 3:53
      • Playing From A Divot 3:59


      Faults & Fixes

      9 Videos - Runtime 35.58

      • How The Push & The Hook Are Linked 5:16
      • How The Pull & The Slice Are Linked 3:56
      • The Dreaded Shank 3:17
      • The Skyed Tee Shot 2:51
      • Improve Your Weight Transfer To Gain Distance 3:41
      • Eliminating The Fat 2:43
      • The Embarrassing Top 3:46
      • Curing The Early Hit - How Casting From The Top Loses Distance 6:09
      • Strong & Weak Grips 4:29

      Getting To Know Your Distances

      3 Videos - Runtime 2:51

      • Club Selection - What's In The Bag 1:39
      • Understanding Gapping - Introduction 1:12
      • Gapping Presentation


      • TimOfWye

        Buy this, it is indeed a Masterclass. It's just like having your very own playing lesson

        Paul's instruction is clear, comprehensive and beautifully presented.  Mostly filmed on his short game area or on the golf course Paul guides you through the sort of situations every golfer will experience during an actual round.  It's just like you are having your very own playing lesson.  From tee to green this App offers instruction on the total game and I recommend it to players of all levels.
      • Colin Brown

        The App is superb value for money. Highly recommended!

        Well thought out, very easy to navigate through each of the comprehensive sections. Every aspect of the golf game is covered in great detail. I'm looking forward to implementing the techniques to improve my game. Paul is a great teacher and the App is superb value for money. Highly recommend

        Colin Brown
      • Chris O'Donoghue

        A brilliant opportunity to work on your game

        Paul is a great teacher and to have the resources at your fingertips is a brilliant opportunity for you to work on your game.

        Chris O'Donoghue
      • Byron Jones

        It's the perfect way to focus on one part of your game at a time with clear demonstration and commentary by Paul on each shot

        Myself and a couple of mates attended a two half-day masterclass at Paul Foston's Academy in Kent in mid-January. We covered most aspects of the short game on Paul's excellent outdoor facility on day 1. On Day 2 we went indoors for analysis of our iron and wood play. Both sessions were well thought out and brilliantly taught. I have since bought Paul's App which I dip into every week. It's the perfect way to focus on one part of your game at a time with a clear demonstration and commentary by Paul on each shot, whether it be the long bunker, the fairway wood or playing out of the rough. It's all covered. I find it a great way to back the lessons learned on site. It comes at a very reasonable price for the comprehensive content. Paul and his wife are excellent hosts, with luxurious rooms to rent and the tea and home made cakes plus the full English breakfast alone made our couple of days experience worthwhile! Highly recommended
        Byron Jones
      • Luqington

        It's like having your own Coach!

        I have had lessons with Paul for several years and he has not only improved my game, more importantly he's helped me enjoy playing more and even practice too. I was a mid handicapper getting frustrated by my lack of progress despite umpteen lessons with a professional but Paul has turned my game around and my attitude towards it. I used to think practice was about banging ball after ball on the range, but I now have drills to follow which are fun but more importantly work. The App is great because it allows me to remember exactly what Paul explained to me, stopping me falling back into old habits. Five minutes just to work on an area of the game, correct a problem or just hear Paul's reassuring explanations is a fabulous tool. Whether you've had lessons with him or not this App will help golfers regardless of their experience or standard.  
      • Jonesy 31700

        It has to be the most valuable golfing aid ever

        You will not be sorry once you have purchased this App. It covers every aspect of whatever you want to know about your golf, from beginner to the hardened scratch golfer. It has to be the most valuable golfing aid ever, something you can keep and treasure forever. You will find that there will always be those little things that creep back into your game, no problem as you will find the solution here. I personally have had many lessons with Paul over the years and I cannot praise enough his methods of teaching and getting things over to you that you can understand and put into practice. This App is the next best thing to actually being there with Paul. Enjoy it. Again I repeat, you will not be sorry.
        Jonesy 31700
      • Simon Newman

        Brilliant golf lesson App.  Well worth the money, would recommend for all levels as its so easy to follow

        Having purchase the App by recommendation, I can honestly say it's a great tool for new golfers to the game who have never played golf before. And also for golfers who have played for years, brilliant tips. It covers every aspect of the game which is so helpful and very easy to get to the part you are after if needed. Well worth the money as it has instructions of hundreds of pounds worth of technical advice. Would recommend for all levels as it's so easy to follow. What I also like is Paul demonstrates all the shots he wants you to play/practice. So go out and purchase, it will save you shots per round and get your handicap down. Great App.
        Simon Newman
      • xray61

        He has taken 10 strokes off my handicap in a year & this App can do the same for you.  Suitable for a Beginner but Paul has a deep understanding of swing dynamics & techniques needed to teach the Tour Player

        I am a low handicap player who has had lessons from Paul and his style is straightforward, suitable for Beginners, but he has a deep understanding of swing dynamics and techniques needed to teach a Pro.  He has taken 10 strokes off my handicap in a year and this App can do the same for you if you take it to the practice ground with you.  This App captures all areas of the golf game and costs a little more than on physical lesson.  The App is robust, easy to use and the videos are short and simple to follow.  I cannot recommend this enough
      • Peter & Svetlana D-G

        This App is a 'Must Have' and should be regarded as an integral component part of your golf equipment

        My wife (a beginner) and I (11 hcp) had a block of lessons with Paul. They were fantastic, we both learnt so much that improved and continues to improve our games.
        The ‘My Golf Masterclass’ App is just like having Paul standing next to you during your practice sessions passing on his knowledge and wisdom.
        This App is a ‘must have’  and should be regarded as an integral component part of your golf equipment.
        Peter & Svetlana D-G

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