2, 3, 4, 5 DAY COURSES

Whether you are wishing to embark on the journey of learning, an accomplished Player keen to lower your Handicap or you have that natural talent and have your eyes on the prize for the International stage, the Paul Foston Golf Academy is a superb choice.  Paul, an Advanced Fellow of the PGA and one of the UK’s Leading Golf Coaches having taken 5 Players to 10 European Open Tour wins and 1 to Ryder Cup success, applies his expertise in a wonderfully tranquil and private setting of the Academy which becomes the perfect formula for learning.

The Academy is equipped with ‘state of the art’ technical applications to accelerate the learning giving full Video Analysis and instant feedback whilst the Short Game course will emulate every on-course experience from 50 yards and in. As a Short Game Specialist, Paul has created a magnificent course concentrating on the critical 50 yards and in. This, together with a Championship speed Putting Green allows you to perfect a part of your game,  that will have a huge effect on your score.


Courses will cover:

  • Building a solid foundation of Aim, Grip, Stance, Posture, Alignment, Ball Placement and a consistent Pre-Shot Routine
  • Developing a Golf Swing to produce maximum distance using Irons and Woods
  • Short Game Skills to include Chipping, Pitching, Bunker Play and Putting
  • Playing 2-3 Holes on Course to Develop Course Management, Understand Basic Rules and Course Etiquette


Courses will include an assessment of your game to identify your strengths and weaknesses so that I can tailor a programme that will be most beneficial to you.

  • To ensure you have an athletic Set Up and a good, constant Pre-shot Routine
  • Understanding Swing Plane that will be beneficial to straighter hitting
  • How to maximise your power to add extra yards to your shot
  • Developing your Short Game technique to improve your imagination on and around the Greens
  • Skills testing to enable you to monitor progress


Playing golf at the highest level requires dedication, desire, investment, commitment, mental & physical strength and of course, talent. But what is the secret ingredient that evades so many on the international tour. Finding a Coach who can identify the minutiae that can transform your game to that of the winner is the difference between the runner up and the one picking up the trophy.

Having achieved this International success for my students 11 times, I have the expertise to take your game to this premier league. 

Do contact me at the Academy on +44 (0)1233 770067/ to discuss.

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