Uniquely Designed Short Game Course To Perfect Every Shot

When Golf Courses are built, Practice Facilities are often an afterthought and rarely is there a dedicated area for the Short Game leaving Pro’s requiring a lot of improvisation skills to simulate the ‘On Course’ challenges.

When I created the Academy, I set about designing a tailor-made Short Game Area that covers every on Course shot from 50 yards and in.

Huxley we’re commissioned to lay an 1800 sq. ft Chipping Green designed with two levels to extend the degree to difficulty. With natural undulations, a stream, areas of semi & deep rough and numerous trees surrounding the Green, it emulates the full range of ‘real life’ scenarios.  

There are 12 Stations specifically positioned to teach every golfing technique, whether you need to perfect your skill with the Lob Wedge, master the high, low and medium shots, control the speed of the Chip & Run, develop the technique to hit over the trees, exiting the semi & deep rough or the challenging short pitch shot over the water. The Academy’s Chipping Green offers a superb practice area to learn the ever important short game.

Remember, 53% of your game is played from 29 yards and in so it requires respect and a necessary skill set to have in your armour.

For those who are unable to attend the Academy for lessons, there are 8 Videos on the The Art of Chipping & Pitching in the ‘Paul Foston - My Golf Masterclass’ App - they can be purchased individually, as a Category or as part of the full App Boxset - check out Golf Masterclass App

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