It’s Like Having Your Own Coach

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October 28, 2019
Brilliant Golf Lesson App
January 13, 2021

It’s Like Having Your Own Coach

It’s like having your own Coach!

I have had lessons with Paul for several years and he has not only improved my game, more importantly he’s helped me enjoy playing more and even practice too. I was a mid handicapper getting frustrated by my lack of progress despite umpteen lessons with a professional but Paul has turned my game around and my attitude towards it.

I used to think practice was about banging ball after ball on the range, but I now have drills to follow which are fun but more importantly work. The App is great because it allows me to remember exactly what Paul explained to me, stopping me falling back into old habits. Five minutes just to work on an area of the game, correct a problem or just hear Paul’s reassuring explanations is a fabulous tool.

Whether you’ve had lessons with him or not this App will help golfers regardless of their experience or standard.